FALL 2019




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Scholarship Chair

Gabbie Watt, MC 18

When I was elected by my fellow Delta Gamma’s as the Scholarship Chair, I knew my job was not going to be easy based upon the fact that I am constantly surrounded by high achieving women. Each day I witness a sister get into her major or a new internship, and at the same time excel at the highest academic level. When I was a freshman going through Formal Fall Recruitment I knew I wanted to join a house with great academic standing and support, and I can genuinely say that Delta Gamma has offered me exactly what I was seeking. One program we love to highlight is our Peer Mentor program. Members can receive advice and academic tutoring from older sisters in the house who may be further along on a similar academic path. As the Scholarship Chair, I send out surveys to check in with girls, and when asked about their experience with academics at DG, a response I received was “I have always felt as though everyone in DG fully supports me in my academic endeavors. I always feel challenged to perform my best when it comes to academics as the people I surround myself with are all extremely driven women with huge goals.” Driven women foster an environment to encourage other women to chase their goals. That type of support from fellow, successful women is priceless. Not only does our physical home have amazing study spots such as our sun deck and living room, but we also keep a mentality that offers support and eases the anxiety that college often induces. It makes me so happy to say how proud I am of the women in Delta Gamma.

How has DG helped you in your academics?

Peer Mentor Program

Delta Gamma prides itself on our academics. We have a special academic peer mentor program where younger members of the house are paired with older members in similar majors or academic fields. Peer mentors help their mentees with schedule picking, major questions, and any other academic advising the mentee needs. This helps to create an important bond between older and younger members of the house, and also helps the mentee in their academic endeavors.

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How has DG helped you in your academics?

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            KATIE, MC 17

MajorPsychology (pre-physical therapy)

DG has been the best motivator for my academics. The girls in DG always hype me up when I am studying or taking a midterm and they make going to the library to study feel like a fun activity rather than a grueling task. I have also learned a lot from other DGs from hearing about what they are learning in their classes, to helpful advice for studying and getting academic help.

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Major: International Studies and Informatics


Major: Human Centered Design and Engineering

Nights where I’m studying alongside DGs at a library until it closes are literally the only reason I am where I am today. The women in this house motivate me to do my best even when I don’t want to

Having friends in the same classes as you makes studying for tests and doing assignments so much easier and more fun! You can literally stay in the kitchen studying with a group of friends for the same test till 3 am and it'll still be kind of fun, and group studying can be way more helpful and productive than individual studying.

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MajorElectrical Engineering and Math minor

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MajorComparative history of

ideas and Entrepreneurship



Major: Political Science

There are so many political science

majors in DG which has been so

awesome when it comes to picking

classes and especially getting real life experiences.

Delta Gamma has given me never ending academic support. As a freshman it provided me with people in my classes on the first day, it helped me formulate study groups, it has given me mentors in and outside of my majors, it has given me the first clients for my school based start up, and it has given me the emotional support to keep working hard .

Everyone in the house is there for school, they prioritize it. I can easily find a friend to help me with my hard assignments anytime and girls in the same major have been able to mentor me. I am challenged to do better by everyone, and that is how you excel in academics.