Delta Gamma participates in formal Fall Recruitment every year, this year Formal Fall Recruitment Registrations closes on August 15th 2020! Formal Fall Recruitment runs between September 13th -September 18th.


MC 19 wearing white dresses holding white roses after initiation.

A Letter From Our VP Membership, Anna Handford 

This is my second year serving on the recruitment team at DG, and I have loved every minute of it (even if it means staying up until 4 am every night of recruitment). There is a lot going on over here on our side of recruitment. Not only do we do all the fun stuff like learning the door chant and all the songs as well as lots of logistical work, but we also spend a lot of time reflecting on what it means to be a DG, what made us choose DG when we were going through recruitment, and what values we as a chapter uphold every day. I am proud to say that we are able to have discussions about these deeper topics frequently and understand that we are all here to better ourselves as women in our communities and hope that we can continue to do that long after we graduate from college. Joining DG is a truly unique experience. I have learned more about myself in my years at DG than any other time in my life, and I can attribute that to the women that I surround myself with daily. I can sit down for dinner at any table of women and have the most genuine conversations with them and know that despite our differences, we all were drawn to DG and are here for a reason. It’s incredible to know you have a support system of over 100 women at all times. I am so thankful for DG for bringing that into my life. When I was a potential new member going through primary recruitment, I’m not going to lie, I had a rough week. It was emotionally draining and so difficult to stay confident in myself throughout it. That motivated me to run for a position on the recruitment team so that I could do everything in my power to make recruitment as comfortable as possible for both potential new members and the women in my chapter recruiting. That being said, this year’s recruitment will obviously be quite different and new for all of us, but it will still end with everyone finding their new home and sisters, and that feeling is unbeatable. So be confident in yourself as you are such an amazing young woman and enter recruitment with an open mind! You never know where the week will lead you, but just know that it will lead you somewhere incredible.



Mary-Mae, MC 19

Director of COB and Retention

Major: Pre-Public Health

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Anna, MC 17

VP Membership

Major: Biology

Hometown: Tacoma, WA


Ashley, MC 18

Director of Recruitment Records

Major: Medical Anthropology and Dance Minor

Hometown: Danville, CA


Ela, MC 19

Director of Recruitment

Major: Communications

Hometown: Tacoma, WA


OLI, MC 17

Be your most true and genuine self. You want to find a place that is going to love you and lift you up for your real authentic self, not the version you might put forward during recruitment! Stay calm, breathe deep, and know that if your personality doesn’t mesh in one chapter, it will absolutely mesh in another! Embrace that process and trust in yourself.

C6EA2286-362D-4974-AA8A-AFF01AC7F0C6 - O

ELA, MC 19

Go with your gut! This is where you’re going to be for the next four years, what other people think shouldn’t be your priority!

32381B83-C5E1-46DC-A118-9649823E4D2D - E


Look for a home that will push you to be the best version of yourself, but not change who you are to be at home. You do not need to change who you are to fit in the right house, so look for a home where you can see yourself as you are now, because the ideal home is one that only adds to who you already are, not change that version of yourself completely.

FBFB4009-1922-4AA0-8E9C-D50EA9C36EEA - B


 Be yourself!!!! I cannot say this enough. College is so different than high school (for those rushing as freshman) and there’s no point in limiting yourself or trying to be somewhere you think you should be. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your passions and also push you out of your comfort zone!  



 Don’t listen to your friends opinions

about houses. All of the sororities in

UW Panhellenic are fabulous places to

be, so you need to take this week to

focus on which of those fabulous

places feel most like home.  

7838E843-9324-4231-A9D3-B55AA727836B - G


My best advice is to put everything

you’ve heard about each house aside

and base your choices on the way you

feel when you talk to the women in the

house. You want to choose a place that

feels like home because the house you

pick will become one of your biggest

support systems at school.

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