It is no secret that Greek Life was founded based on principles of exclusion. At the Beta Chapter we are committed to changing and becoming a more diverse and inclusive chapter. This page was not created in attempt to portray our chapter as racism, homophobia or classism free - we openly acknowledge that we are far from it. Many of these problems are deeply engrained within our organization and community as a whole. However, this page was created to show the efforts that some of our members and our chapter as a whole are going to, to make the ideal of a diverse and inclusive chapter a reality. We would love your feedback (fellow members of the Greek Community, Potential New Members, other DGs) on how we could Do Better. 

Abolishing the Legacy Policy

For more info on how the Legacy Policy excludes, click here.

The Legacy Policy is a system in which women who's mother, aunt, or grandmother were a DG, are now given priority in the recruitment process. Many Greek organizations partake in this tradition, that only moves us further away from our goal of inclusivity. 

The Beta Chapter is extremely proud to be one of the Chapters advocating strongly for it's removal. We were thrilled when Delta Gamma Executive Offices announced the removal of this policy in June 2020. 


Greek Pride

"Many aspects of our Greek Community are heteronormative, we aspire to change that."

 - Megan Lee MC 17

Started by two Beta Chapter DGs, Greek Pride UW is an on-campus, Greek-affiliated organization that strives to create a community for members of the LGBTQ+ who are also a part of Greek Life. 

Greek Pride UW meets once a week and welcomes members of the LGBTQ+ community and allys. They focus on reforming Greek Policy to make it more inclusive, and providing a social atmosphere for other LGBTQ+ members. 

To learn more about Greek Pride click to read what the University newspaper, The Daily, has to say about it

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Black Lives Matter

“Raising donations for organizations that Do Good is what we do best.”

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and current events, a group of Beta Chapter DGs led a Greek Community-wide fundraiser. After researching many organizations benefiting the Black Lives Matter movement, Beta Chapter DGs voted on the Northwest Community Bail Fund. By getting the word out to sororities and fraternities and posting Instagram stories campaigning for donations, the Greek Community raised over $10,000. With a generous donation that matched the Greek Community's contributions, we were able to donate over $20,000 to the NW Community Bail Fund, working to bail out protestors who were arrested, for equity and for a more fair justice system for all.  

DG Beta has also been working on changing our chapter's mindset on covert racism, overt racism, lasting racist practices, and ultimately being better allies to all POC. While we encourage members to educate and do research themselves, we started an open-forum discussion page so members could have important and honest conversations, even while physically distanced from one another. We also kicked off a summer book club, which will extend into the future, that highlights authors of color and also provides an opportunity for deeper understanding. Finally, we are working to implement both a no-tolerance policy nationally as well as mandatory, yearly educational courses on inclusion of POC, the disabled community, and all other marginalized groups so we can work to be a better chapter that we are all proud to represent.

Please check out these links to support and learn more about the BLM movement:


Best Buddies

University of Washington Best Buddies was founded by a Beta chapter woman with a desire to create social opportunities between individuals with intellectual/ developmental disabilities (IDD) and university students. With the immense support of other Beta chapter women, the on campus organization has been able to match many one-to-one friendships between UW students and people with IDD as well as maintain bi-monthly events and create an inclusive community for people of all abilities and disabilities.  

In the 2019-2020 school year 10 Beta chapter women were matched in a one-to-one friendship, 4 served on the executive board and 20 women serve as “associate members” where they were not matched in a friendship but were still active members of the organization and played key roles in advocating for inclusion in the community. 

“People with intellectual and developmental disabilities often face social isolation after leaving high school due to the lack of natural social supports in our communities. Best Buddies is a great way to get to know people who I may not otherwise have had an opportunity to meet and has provided me lifelong friendships. I would have never been able to start Best Buddies without the help of women in this house and the overwhelming support and participation we have received since.”

To learn more about. Best Buddies go to the Best Buddies Washington page.

If there are other things that we could or should be implementing, reading, researching or doing as a chapter to promote social justice then please let us know. We are ready to receive feedback, both positive and negative, so please get in touch. 

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