Meet our Leadership!

Nickname: DG

Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue

Mascot: Hannah Doll

Symbol: Golden Anchor

Flower: Cream-Colored Rose

Motto: “Do Good”

Magazine: The Anchora

Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi by three young women who were unable to go home during a Christmas holiday. Together they formed a club, rooted in education and service, that now has 210,000 members. 

Why did you decide to go DG?



The moment I walked into DG, I knew it was special. I was instantly comfortable with every woman I talked to, and I felt free to be myself. I met an amazing MC 18, named Bri, who I looked forward to talking to everyday of recruitment. On Pref, I cried my eyes out with Bri, and I knew that DG had now become my new home. Everyone in DG is so incredibly welcoming and kind, and allows you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

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I wanted to find people who shared the same values as me. I wanted to find a house that helped me grow as an individual and immerse my self in a community that supported and motivated me.

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Recruitment was a very hard week for me, it was my first week away from home, the week I broke up with my high school boyfriend, the week of my birthday and, honestly, something my mom was making me do. I did not think a sorority was for me until I started to get to know DG. One member in particular, Blair Ivy, made it one of the more transformative weeks of my life. I remember the day that my boyfriend and I broke up happened to be preference day and my birthday. Blair spent the entire hour I was at DG with me, crying, laughing, and shoving our faces with donuts. She reminded me how important I am and how much she valued our time together. She, and DG, made me feel more loved and accepted in one week than my boyfriend had in one year. I left knowing that I had found my new home.

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I really wanted to build strong connections personally and professionally. DG has given me the best of both worlds and has really allowed me to grow in my own way!



From the first time I stepped foot in DG I felt comfortable. When I talked to the existing members during recruitment I never felt judged or was self-conscious about what I was saying or how I looked. It was also obvious that the girls really liked each other, knew each other, and respected each other. Throughout the week it became clear to me that I would form genuine and fun friendships if I was a DG and I am beyond thankful for this house.




While rush was an unfamiliar and somewhat stressful process, the girls at DG always made me feel like I belonged. Everyone I talked to seemed genuine, kind, and made me feel like it was okay to be completely myself.