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Recommend a Potential New Member:


To those who are a bit unfamiliar, the purpose of a Sponsorship form is to provide collegiate chapter members information on a potential new member (PNM) who will be going through recruitment.  Additionally, Sponsorship forms are used to alert current members and advisors of any DG legacies.  Due to the large and growing number of women who participate in Formal Fall Recruitment every year, it’s extremely beneficial to have extra insight into a PNM’s likes, dislikes, school activities, and hobbies to better interact with them when face-to-face. These forms are an extremely valuable asset and resource to our chapter!

Please fill out the sponsorship forms electronically.  These are the same forms that are available on the national Delta Gamma webpage, and then can be saved as a pdf.  If this is more convenient for you, please feel free to complete the form online and email it back to me at:

Thank you very much for your time and dedication to Delta Gamma and for helping to make this year’s recruitment the best one yet at Beta chapter.  We really appreciate your support and value your PNM recommendation(s).

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